Pros and Cons of Hammock Camping -What I Prefer and Why !

Hammock camping has become very popular among campers in recent years. It is more fun and more relaxing. If you want to challenge yourself and forget all about your worries for some days, you can definitely try hammock camping. 

A Camping hammock does not require typical heavy tents. You need some necessary hammock gears for hammock camping and it can swing away all your stresses as you will be able to sleep under the stars relaxing and living your best life. 

Despite how relaxing it might sound, there are both- pros and cons of hammock camping. And before actually deciding to do hammock camping you must be aware of the hammock camping pros and cons so you know what are the risks and how to minimize the risks. 

Is camping in a hammock safe?

Is camping in a hammock safe

Let’s start off with the obvious question: Is hammock camping safe? In theory, hammock camping is safe as long as a few precautions are taken and the hammock is properly set up.  

As fun as hammock camping can be, there are some risks involved. You can reduce these risks by taking some steps and ensuring the safety of camping in a hammock. Wilderness is not always safe for humans. Suppose you are sleeping on your hammock carefreely but then suddenly a bear or a snake comes to you. This will not be very pleasant. So, ensure that you are completely safe while camping and that the animals in these wild areas are also safe as well.

Are hammocks better than tents?

Camping in hammock can sometimes actually provide better safety than camping in a tent. Also it is more comfortable. Unlike tent camping, hammock camping does not require you to bring a tent. This might save you from a lot of extra weight. 

Are hammocks better than tents

The advantages of hammocks include their affordability, ease of erecting, comfort, and portability. But when you compare hammock vs tent camping, then, tents might be logically safer than hammocks. There are different kinds of tents and you can choose one according to your needs. That will ensure you more safety, more comfort and better protection from harsh weather. 

Some people might get dizziness from the cradles on a hammock. And once you start swinging, it is hard to stop it. You have to get down from the hammock and stop it and crawl back into your hammock again. Also, some people have a height phobia. They will have trouble when the hammock is set too high above the ground for safety. This might not be a very pleasant thing to do. 

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Is sleeping in a hammock good for you?

sleeping in a hammock good

Sleeping in a hammock can bring different experiences to different people. Some may find it more comfortable to sleep in a hammock on a camping night, and some may find it very uncomfortable sleeping without any ground support. Hammock might put many people to sleep with soft cradles. And make some people dizzy.

The hammock can cradle you to sleep, which tents can not. When you go to a new spot and stay inside a tent, you might have a hard time falling asleep. But with the soft cradle, you might just sleep like a baby. Also as it keeps you above the ground you will not get any scratching from the grass or soil. Further, insects and worms will not directly reach you.

Also, not every person is comfortable swinging into sleep in the middle of a forest. When you tie up a hammock between two trees, you need to tie it high if there are animal activities spotted in that area. Just a feeling of being exposed to animals might take away your sleep from your comfortable night camping. Sleeping in a hammock is very comfortable. There are many health benefits associated with sleeping in a hammock

Advantages of Hammock Camping

Advantages of Hammock Camping

Hammock has become a very popular camping gear for the last few years. Although some people go for tent camping, they would take a hammock with them to relax and chill. The people who are fond of hammocks or seem to have a better sleep on their camping trip. But for camping hammocks, one needs to find sturdy trees. You need to watch out for dead trees though as their Tree Bark can break anytime. Also, the hammock you will use to sleep on must be a comfortable hammock according to you.

You will be surprised to hear the advantages of hammock camping as they are given below: 

Better sleep

As you know hammock or cradle cots are used to put babies into sleep and they fall into a deep sleep. This goes for grown-ups as well. As you are cradled into sleep, you will have better and deeper sleep. 

Insect exposure is reduced

When you are on a hammock, high above the ground and between two sturdy trees, you are less exposed to animals and other insects. As you will not be directly on the ground, insects and animals can not directly get you. And if you use tree straps to tie your hammock, you will have no chances of falling. 

Relief from pressure points

When you sleep on a mattress or tent while ground camping, you might be sleeping on your back or on one side. This might give you a sore neck, sore shoulders, sore arms and sore back. In this way, you will not be able to enjoy your traditional tent camping at all. 

On the other hand, sleeping on a comfortable hammock will not give you pressure on any specific body parts and you will wake up fresh in the morning. 

Hammock setup is easy

Not only is the hammock simple to set up, but also it is very easy to carry for being lightweight. Hammock campers carry the entire hammock in their backpack. Also, there are backpacking hammocks which are the easiest to carry. 

Disadvantages Hammock Camping

Disadvantages Hammock Camping

If you think about camping or hiking in the wild, you probably envision the perfect trip on a hammock and reading a book in the wilderness. But there are both-  pros and cons of hammock camping. And if you are a beginner, you must research hammock camping for beginners before taking any steps. So, let’s check out the disadvantages of hammock camping: 

Requires many additional gear

While you reduce your backpack weight by carrying a hammock, you will need more space for additional gears for hammock-like- hammock ropes, hammock tarp, hammock bed or sleeping pad, suspension ropes, tree straps, etc. 

Not suitable for cold weather

Hammock camping might be very fun and enjoyable but winter hammock camping is not a very good idea. Because in tents you can be safe from the cold weather in 40 degrees as there are wall tents or specialized tents for cold weather. But on a chilly night, it will be hard to survive in a hammock. 

Does not have much space

Although there are some two-person hammocks, they do not have much space. So, if you go with your partner, you will have to sleep in separate hammocks. This might be a little scary while you hear the noise of the forest at night. Also, there might be a little problem keeping your belongings in the hammock.  

Less privacy

In hammocks, there is not much privacy as other campers might see you climb onto your hammock and get out of it. Also, they might even see you sleep. Many people find it quite awkward. And when you hang your hammock between suitable trees in the middle of plenty of trees then it is common to have little squirrels as guests. 

Difficult to get in and get out

You will find it difficult to get in and out of a hammock if it is set up too high. You might need to be a good tree climber for that. However, when you are in an area with animals or other campers, you have no other option. 

Pros and cons of sleeping in a Hammock

If you are interested in sleeping in a hammock, you should be aware of the pros and cons of sleeping in a hammock. 


  • Requires less space in your backpack 
  • The cradles might help you to have a better sleep
  • Less body pain problems 
  • Hammocks are cheaper than tents or other camping beds
  • Prevents direct contact with insects and other bugs 
  • Can be set up easily 


  • Not for cold weather or wet weather 
  • Needs frequent replacements 
  • Small space 
  • Can not share the hammock bed with anyone 
  • Getting in and getting out is very hard 
  • More exposure to wildlife and other people 
  • Setting up is hard 
  • Any mistake in the setup can cause many accidents like falling in rocky ground which might get the campers injured severely. 

Hammock Camping vs Tent Camping: Pros and Cons

Hammock vs Tent Camping Pros and Cons

To find out your type of camping you need to try out all types of camping to see which fits you the best. One of the best things about camping is discovering your camping style by trying out camping types. The most popular types of camping are hammock camping, . You need to know about their pros and cons before practically going for one. 

If you are going camping, you need to know the pros and cons of hammock vs tent camping before you make your decision. For example, when you go hammock camping you will see a better sight if you set your tent high from the ground. Also, you can set up the hammock above water to experience something more adventurous. The cons of this hammock camping can be that it can be difficult to get in and out of the hammock. 

In contrast, it is very easy to get in and out in a tent but you will not be able to enjoy the beautiful view from above while tent camping. Tents can be hard to set up and more heavy to carry. But hammocks are very easy to set up and they are easier to carry. 

One of the cons of hammock camping is that you can not go to this kind of camping in the winter and enjoy night after night. It will make you sick. But tents are warmer which is a tent camping pro. Also, tent camping is more secured and more privacy is ensured than hammock camping. 

Hammock camping might seem cheaper than tent camping but do not forget that even the high-quality hammocks do not last for much longer and you will need to replace them frequently which will increase your expense. Also, hammock camping requires many additional gears. On the other hand, when you go tent camping, you will only need to buy a good quality tent and that will last for a long time.

Related question:

Is hammock camping in the winter difficult?

You reach a certain point where using a hammock as a winter sleep system does not work nicely because of the cold air beneath you.
You are far better off with a temp-rated sleeping bag system, winter sleeping pad, a cot, Or extra ground insulation if you are not using a cot.

Will teenagers use hammocks during camping time?

I would because there so relaxing but everyone is different so you never know bring them just in case because you may want to use it.

How do you swing a hammock if you’re in it?

Have a rope over a branch above the hammock, tied to the left side of the hammock, when lying in the hammock pull the right side of the rope. It should swing from side to side. Start slowly at first.
Hang a leg over so your foot is on the ground and push yourself. Or, attach a rope to something a distance away and use that to gently pull yourself.

Should I backpack with a hammock?

It depends entirely on your personal preferences and needs. If you enjoy camping in hammocks and feel like it would suit your backpacking style, then go for it! However, if you’re not sure or don’t think it would work well for you, then it’s probably best to stick with traditional camping gear.

Do you use a pillow in a hammock?

It is not necessary to use a pillow in a hammock, but some people prefer to do so.

Can you sleep in a hammock long term?

Yes, you can sleep in a hammock long term. However, you may need to invest in a more comfortable hammock if you plan on doing this for an extended period of time.

Are hammock chairs good for your back?

Hammock chairs are not necessarily good for your back, as they do not provide the same support as a regular chair would. However, many people find them to be more comfortable than a regular chair, and they may help to reduce back pain.

Is sleeping in a hammock better than a tent?

Sleeping in a hammock can be more comfortable, for example, since you are not on the ground. Hammocks can also be easier to set up than tents.

Are camping hammocks good for your back?

Yes, camping hammocks are good for your back because they provide support and allow you to sleep in a comfortable position.

Final Words

Hammock camping might have many disadvantages but still, it is a lifetime experience that you will be able to cherish forever. So, if you are a camper you should at least try it once to see how it goes for you. And by following all the camping rules properly you will have no problem. 

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