Ozark vs Coleman Tent-What You Need To Know Before Purchasing

In recent years, people have become more interested in camping because the prices of luxurious hotels and resorts have increased. And for camping the most important camping gear is a tent. Beginners may find it confusing to choose from different types of camping tents because there are so many options. Which is more convenient? Which lasts longer? Which cost less?

Space, quality, and price are the main three things to begin your tent hunt. However, there are many other features as well. You have to make sure that you buy according to your needs of features. So, to help you with that, we are going to discuss Ozark vs Coleman tents which is the two of the best tents in the market, 

What is best: Ozark vs Coleman tent

Ozark Trail and Coleman tents, both are good brands and they both hold a reputable place in the market.

Ozark vs Coleman Tent

Ozark is best known for their affordable price as they offer many models under $200. For example the large and spacious 10-person cabin tent, as well as some smaller models. And even the enormous 14-person Base Camp Cabin Tent is generally listed under $300. 

Camping tents from Ozark Trail are designed mostly for large families. Although Ozark specializes mainly in 6-person tents, they also offer 12-person tents or larger tents at an affordable price. 

On the other hand, most of the Coleman tents are for families as well. Coleman is a popular tent company and continues to prove to society that they want to help you in the great outdoors, whether you camp with friends or family or alone. That’s exactly why they have a wide range of outdoor products. You can even get the chance to choose from the variety of smaller tents if you are on your own.

Main Features of Coleman vs Ozark tents

Main Features of Coleman vs Ozark tents

There’s nothing Coleman and Ozark Trail can’t handle when it comes to tents. We offer a wide range of shapes and sizes of family tents, as well as camping sets from both of the camping gear companies. To help you understand more about their specific features, the features of Coleman and Ozark tents are given below: 

Features of Coleman tents

  • Diversity

 You can find different types and sizes of tents available from the Coleman brand. Coleman offers- family tents, mesh tents, queen-size tents, instant tents, and many options to make your camping trip memorable. So, whether you want to travel with your friends and family or solo, Coleman tents have you covered.

  • Reliable

Coleman tents have been in the camping tent business since 1900. So they are very reliable in terms of quality. 

  • Extra Storage

Coleman tents have extra space for storing camping gear inside the tent. 

  • Weather resistance 

Coleman tents can be used in any season for camping outdoors. Even when you are camping and meet sudden rain you do not have to worry about getting wet at all.

Features of Ozark Tents

  • High Quality

Made with high-quality fabric materials that keep it unharmed even in rough use and rough weather. 

  • Spacious 

Ozark tents are very much spacious in terms of design. It is designed with a huge space and ventilation system so that you do not feel overcrowded when you are camping. 

  • Easy to assemble 

With the Ozark tent, you do not have to worry about messing up the tent and ruining your camping trip because of it. Because these tents are very easy to set up and you will be able to assemble them by yourself like a pro.

  • Durable 

Ozark tents are very durable and they last for a long time even though they are roughly used. 

  • Wind and Waterproof 

When you are out camping with an Ozark tent you need not panic if it suddenly rains. Because this tent is waterproof and will save you from getting wet. It is also perfect for windy weather. 

  • Reasonable in price

Many campers are afraid of the high price of tents but you do not have to worry about that with Ozark tents as this brand is highly recommended for their reasonable price. If you only like to camp occasionally and do not want to spend much on a tent then Ozark is the right option for you.

While comparing the Core tent vs Coleman tent, we found the main difference is in the pricing and weather protection.

Are Ozark Trail Tents Better Than Coleman Tents?

Ozark Trail Tents Better Than Coleman Tents

It is hard to say which one is the better between the Ozark and Coleman tents as Ozark Trail and Coleman both have been in the camping tent business for a long time. So they both offer very good quality tents made from high-quality fabric and materials. 

Ozark Trail maintains its reputation for making high-quality tents. It is a low-price brand that promises quality at a price you can afford. Ozark Trail tents, on the other hand, provide their customers with well-ventilated, easily-assembled, and easily-storage tents.

So, which one is better depends on your needs. If you are looking for varieties then Coleman can be the better option for you and if you are looking for large tents with plenty of space for family trips at an affordable price then Ozark might be the better option for you. 

Buying guide for the Ozark vs Coleman tent

When you are a beginner at camping, it might be hard for you to buy the most important camping gear, which is- a tent. In that case, you would need a guide that will help you to know what things to consider while buying a camping tent. So, the things you should consider before buying Ozark vs Coleman tent are given below: 


Durability is a must-have feature for tents. Your tent needs to tolerate every rough weather whether cold weather or hot weather, light rain or storm. Also, the more a tent is durable the less you need to replace it and use it for a long time.

In terms of durability, Ozark tents are not that good. If a heavy rainstorm occurs, seams may leak. So, although Ozark tents are great in light rain or a little wet weather, they are not the best choice in harsh weather like heavy rain and storms. 

Coleman tents provide better durability than Ozark tents. Coleman tents can last for 5-7 years on average. But this can vary if the tent has been through too many rough weather conditions. 


There might be a lot of stylish tents that look very nice from the outside but are not actually made of waterproof materials. But you should not buy any of them if your purpose of purchasing is camping. Because while you are camping far away from your home, you should make sure to remain safe in sudden harsh weather, whether it is rain or wind, or even a storm. So, your tent material should be waterproof. 

Both of the tent brands- Ozark and Coleman offer waterproof tents. However, some of the Ozark tents are not waterproof, but this can be fixed with a waterproof spray coat. But if you want a waterproof tent from Ozark, you can go for the Ozark Trail 10-person instant tent. But Ozark tents are more suitable for warmer months. 

Coleman is better than Ozark in terms of being waterproof. However, Coleman tents do not all provide the same waterproof quality because they make tents for a wide range of budgets. 


There can be any tent you like that has the coolest features but that might be out of your budget and you can not buy that. So, you should consider the best tent which has all the features you need and that is offered at such a price they are affordable. 

Ozark and Coleman both offer tents that are affordable. However, Ozark offers more affordable large tents and Coleman tents offers a variety of tents. The lowest tent price of the Ozark tent is $30. And the family tents are available for $100. So, you can either buy a big tent at the most affordable price from Ozark or you can buy a tent of any size and type from Coleman that might be affordable as well. 


It is mentioned previously that Ozark provides mostly family-sized tents. Their most popular and best-selling tent is the Ozark Trail 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent, which has a Maximum Height of 78 Inches. Tent Stakes and Rainfly are its special features. Ozark also offers a variety of large tents like- Ozark Trail Backpacking Tents, 12-person instant cabin tents, and 18-person tents all in an affordable price range. 

Coleman offers backpacking Tents for solo trips and also Coleman Cabin tents, Coleman 18-person tents, etc. The most popular Coleman tent size is Coleman 8-person Instant Tent. 


Both of the tent brands provide a variety of tent types. Whether you want a dome tent or cabin tent you can pick one from any of the Ozark vs Coleman tents. There are large tents that can accommodate more than 10 people. 

Furthermore, both tents have internal storage pockets for additional camping gear. You might also find dome-style tents, instant cabin tents, blackout tents, 

Tents with electrical cord access port and portable shower tent from both the brands. 

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Why are Coleman tents so cheap?

Coleman tents are cheap because they use low-cost but durable quality fabric material for their tents. But this sometimes hampers the quality of being waterproof. So, campers need rain fly, a spray coat, and other camping gear to waterproof the Coleman tents. But when you buy a Coleman tent with a higher price range you might get a waterproof one. 

Where are Ozark Trail tents manufactured?

Ozark Trail tents are made in China and manufactured by Walmart Mart. Walmart sells Ozark Trail as its own brand under the white label. They are very affordable in price and they offer a huge variety of larger or family-sized tents for up to 18 people.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article gives you clarity among your confusion about the most affordable camping gear brands- Ozark vs Coleman tents and helps you to make the right decision. As you can see both are very good in features, offer a variety of sizes and types and are very cheap to purchase. They also offer ventilation, dividers, two-door options, rainfly, and many other features which makes them the best deal for economical campers.

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