How to Stay Warm Camping in a Tent: 23 Ways to keep the cold away

Camping is one of the finest forms of recreation. Along with the idea of ‘camping’, the concept of ‘a tent’ is very relatable.

It becomes a challenge to spend a chilly night in a tent during the winter. However, not a challenge anymore! Because, here we are, with our excellent and helpful tips and tricks; How to Stay Warm Camping in a Tent?

The best way to stay warm in a tent is using a tent heater. However, you may also stay warm by choosing a warm location, tent insulation, uses of rags and mats, and more.

So, be ready with a pen and paper and start arranging your necessities to enjoy the feelings of comfort and coziness according to our list.

In this article, you will find_

  • How to choose a perfect place to set a tent?
  • How to keep it warm?
  • The essential accessories that you will need to add to your shopping list
  • How your body itself can make warm by simple tricks?

23 Ideas to Stay Warm in a Tent in Cold Weather

While you can have your tricks to stay warm in a tent, we have found the top 23 ways to stay warm from our experience.

1. Choose Your Tent Location Wisely

This is one of the important tasks. If the place is too windy it will be a big problem to keep the tent warm. As a result, you have to choose a place with a little bit of airflow. A little airflow is important because the tent needs ventilation. Moreover,  it will help to keep the necessary moisture away from the tent. You’ll see a visible difference by just setting your tent in a right place. If you camp on sandy campsites, whether it’s on a beach or in the desert, you need to learn how to pitch a tent on the beach.

2. A Smaller Tent is Important

A smaller tent is much easier to keep warm than a bigger one. You can choose Core or Coleman Tent. It will be easy to keep it heated. On the contrary, a bigger tent will take more time and energy to be heated. Additionally, your body heat will be secured here for a long time.  For this reason, choose a tent that is big enough for you, not more than that. HAVE TRUST; THIS WILL MAKE YOU HAPPY.

3. Use a Tent Heater

In terms of using a tent heater, you have to be careful to choose the appropriate heater. An electric fan heater is safe in this case. That is why you will need to carry an extension cord and powered site. If that is not possible wood burning a stove can be your alternative. Furthermore, you can use several candles in the tent. This will give you both warmth and a romantic vibe. Besides, there are many ways to Heat a Tent While Camping.

However, keep in mind that your tent should have enough space for passing the air. Also, do not sleep by lighting up candles. Otherwise, your valuable moment can turn into a tragic moment. Hence, be careful.

4. Tent Insulation

An insulated tent can make your night sleeps more comfortable and cozy. For that, you can use any kind of mat, rug, or even big towels. Also, using a tarpaulin or any kind of tent cover can be useful. Yet, make sure it is not blocking the air fully.

5. Ventilation for the Tent

Air circulation is mandatory, no matter how cold it is. Otherwise, moisture will be locked in the tent and you will end up getting wet, which is not a good idea to keep you warm.

6. Usage of Rags and Mats

If you do not have a sleeping bed, then using a rag or a mat on the floor can be useful. It surely will keep you cozy. 

7. Rock can work as a Savior

Heating rocks can be a really fun activity and useful at the same time. After having a delightful campfire, you can collect some rocks and take them to your tent. It will give a warm feeling to your tent. But, be careful with those rocks, as you do not want to burn yourself, or melt your tent.

7. Hot Water Bottle Method

Keep a hot water bottle in your sleeping bag before going to the bed. You Should Drink water While Camping. Thus your body will be warm as soon as you enter the bag. Easy to get a warm and good night’s sleep, right? Besides if you get any kind of muscle pain during camping, a hot water bag can give you a little relief. 

9. Dress Warmly (Thermals are a Must)

It is common to layer up during winter. But, using a thermal under the clothes is the wisest decision. This investment can not go wrong.

10. Put New Clothes on for Sleeping

A dirty and sweaty dress from day-long hiking is not something you want to put on at night. Definitely, it will ruin your sleep. For this reason, new, fresh clothes for sleeping are one of the most important things. One more tip- try to change your clothes inside the sleeping. That is how you are going to keep your body heat inside your sleeping bag and will be warm soon. 

11. Hand and Foot Need Extra Care

It is mandatory to keep your hand and foot dry. For some people, hands and feet get colder than their bodies. In this case, they should always carry extra hand and foot warmers. On the other hand, you cannot be fully warmed up with cold hands and feet.

12. The Head should be Protected Too

You can lose body heat through your head. For this reason, you should carry a dry hat. Balaclava can be a good option for covering the head.

13. Get a Good Sleeping Bag

Before getting a sleeping bag examine it properly. It should be made of breathable material so that you can feel comfortable and sleep well. Besides, it will help you not to get sweaty during sleeping

14. Using a Sleeping Bag Liner

If you do not have a good sleeping bag, you can use a liner or blanket. But remember to choose a comfortable liner. As well you can use Sleeping Pad For Camping.

15. Eat Healthily

Try to have healthy food that contains protein. It will make your body warm from the inside. Also, do not go to the bed hungry. So, carry some snacks. For instance-chocolate, energy bars, etc.

16. Drink Warm Liquids

This is an instant trick to make yourself warm. Therefore, you can drink hot milk or hot chocolate, and even hot coffee or tea can also be a great help.

17. Fun Activities before Bedtime

There is no doubt that some physical movement and fun activities can make your time precious. besides, this will make you warm as well.

18. Prepare your Clothes for the Next Day

This idea will help you to save some time of yours. So, prepare your clothes and take them with you in the sleeping bag. Thus both you and your clothes will be warm in the tent.

19. Sleeping Bag Fluffing

Fluffing a sleeping bag will keep you warm by creating small air bubbles within the insulation. 

20. No Air Mattresses

Although air mattresses are comfortable, they will make you cold. Because it holds on to the current temperature. There are many sizes of Air Mattress fit 3,4,6 Person Tent. So, it is a good idea to not take it with you camping.

21. Try to Take Your Pet Dog or Cat with you

Dogs and cats are best to make you warm. So, you can take them with you. But, remember to take care of them. Also, make sure they are comfortable.

22. Try not to Hold up Pee During the Night

You may think holding pee and staying in the bed make you warm. Let me warn you that you are wrong. If you hold pee it would create a difficult situation and make you cold. The reason is your body wants to eliminate unnecessary fluids. So, get up and pee.

23. Stay Hydrated

Additionally, throughout the day try to stay hydrated. Otherwise, you’ll easily set Hypothermia, which will lead you to feel cold.

How do I stay warm in the winter, in a tent?

  • Firstly, go to bed warm; don’t wait until you’re cold before you tuck in.
  • Have a good energy-rich meal before sleeping.
  • Stay hydrated; people often neglect drinking enough water when it’s cold out.
  • Have a sleeping bag rated for the expected temperatures and use an insulated mat under the bag; loss of heat through the ground is a common cause of being cold in the tent.
  • If you need to do up the closures and draw cords on the sleeping bag; this will prevent warm air from being pushed out.
  • Wear the right amount of clothing; thermals (long underwear), socks, and a warm hat are about all you should normally need. If you wear too many layers or jackets then you’ll have trouble using your body heat to warm the air in your sleeping bag.
  • Have some high-energy snacks nearby for eating during the cold night.
  • Pee before bed!

Wrapping Up

From the above discussion, you’ve got to know how to stay warm in a tent. Surely, your camping experience will be more memorable with these tips and tricks. Although, if you are new to camping, these tips will make you a pro. So, you do not have to be afraid of light snowfall anymore. You can pack your necessities and go for fun camping with your loved one. 


  1. Is sleeping in a car warmer than a tent?

Yes, a car can be a good choice or alternative to a tent. However, you have to use it like a tent. To illustrate, you’ll need a mat or rug, a good sleeping bag, etc. Additionally, you can keep your car window slightly open for enough ventilation. More importantly, it will save you from excessive sun heat and sudden rain. But, the real fun of camping is related to tents. 

  1. How do campers stay warm in a tent? 

The first thing is layering up with clothes. Besides, clean, dry clothes can help you to stay warm.  Along with that, you can use a good sleeping pad, liner, insulating pad, etc. Moreover, good food and warm drinks are musts. 

  1. How cold is too cold to sleep in a tent?

Generally, 30-40 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold to sleep in a tent. For this reason, you should always check the forecast. Moreover, if you are allergic to colds, be careful. Furthermore, if you are not experienced enough, avoid camping in this type of weather. 

  1. How do you safely heat a tent? 

An electric heater, hot rocks, or oil-filled portable heater can be safe in case of warming a tent. However, there is no alternative to being careful. So, always be careful.


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