How to put a tarp under a tent? Under 5 minutes

The tarp is an important camping gear especially if you are going in a breezy season. It might not seem like a necessary gear at first but you will slowly realize it is important for your tent’s security sometimes. 

How to put a tarp under a tent? Whether you need to put a camping tarp under your camping tent depends on the terrain you are camping on. If you are camping beside a beach then there is no need to put a tarp under your tent. However, you might need to place a tarp under the tent when camping in a rocky area. This will protect from tears, provide better insulation, ensure an extra layer of protection and will make the tent waterproof.

10 Easy Methods to put a tarp under a tent

  1. Put a tarp over the top of the tent
  2. Fold down the sides of the tarp
  3. Tie the corners together
  4. Make sure the tarp is tight enough to keep the rain out
  5. If you have a small tent, you may want to use two pieces of rope instead of just one
  6. Use tape to secure the ropes
  7. Tape the edges of the plastic together
  8. Cut holes for ventilation
  9. Cover the bottom of the tent with dirt
  10. Fill the rest of the space with sand

Why do you need to put a tarp under a tent?

For years, people have used ground cloths and tarps under their tents. A tarp under your tent guards the bottom of the tent against damage, insulates it effectively, and acts as a moisture barrier to keep water out. it’s a good idea to place a tarp under your tent. Extra protection against a range of things.

It is true that a tarp is not the best ground cloth coverage option, but it works just fine for car campers. A tarp helps a lot in keeping you from the wet ground. There are many more reasons for putting a tarp under the tent. Such as- 

Why do you need to put a tarp under a tent

Saving the tent from damage

If you stay directly on the tent floor there might be bugs and insects on the grass that are getting inside the tent and bothering you. Also, the grass might feel uncomfortable when you lay down. Moreover, the ground can be rocky and uneven which might feel very unpleasant and can hurt you and damage the tent. Not to mention, there can be twigs and roots underside your tent that may damage the tent in your sleep. 

Putting the tarp under your tent will save you from the uncomfortableness of the bugs and grass and protect the tent from any sort of damage. This also increases the longevity of the tent. 

Waterproofing the tent

Waterproofing the tent

The campsites can get wet due to the rain or dewdrops at night. And the water can get inside your tent without proper insulation. You can use the tarp as a vapor barrier between the ground and your tent, preventing condensation inside.

Additionally, when it is raining, you can get shelter from running water with a tarp as well as from an already soaked ground. However, for that, you need to make sure that you have not pitched your tent in a valley where water collects in the first place.

Keeping the tent clean

Tarps are easier to wash. So, when the sole of your shoes get soaked in dirt and mud from the camping ground, and you enter the tent with shoes on, you can easily clean the dirt of the tarp rather than the tent floor. Also, if you are willing to move from one place to another, or hiking or backpacking, this can be a nice technique to keep the interior of your tent clean.

Helps with insulation

Almost all our body heat escapes through the ground. The idea of generating enough heat to fight against the earth is nearly impossible. In order to create additional insulation between your body and the ground, you need additional layers. And tarp works as the additional layer. It can add a little warmth to your tent so that you do not freeze.  

Keeping the tent dry 

Tarp ensures a layer of protection under the tent for you. so, when you will avoid the tarp, you might end up with wet clothes and a pool of water inside the tent if it rains suddenly. so, you should never avoid tarp in rainy weather. The right-sized tarp can keep you dry inside your camping tent in heavy rain by giving you extra protection. 

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Should you put a tarp under a tent?

Yes, its a good idea to place a tarp under your tent. Extra protection against a range of things.
A tarp can be a great way to keep the bottom of your tent clean and dry. It can also help to prevent any water from seeping in. If you are camping in an area that is prone to flooding, a tarp can also help to keep your tent dry.

How to set up a tarp under a tent?

How to set up a tarp under a tent

A decent tarp will include a lot of points, which are spots on the tarp where you can link it to anything sturdy. Those three black dots above, in addition to the apparent points linked to cordage, are also attached to cordage. The key to hanging a tarp correctly is to use these spots to produce a tight pitch. This will prevent the tarp from flapping in the breeze, as well as redirect rainwater away from you. 

Before you set up a tarp under your tent, you need to find a tarp that fits your tent. You might need to customize the tarp a bit. Firstly, you need to choose a tarp of the proper size for your tent. Your tent should have an outside measurement that is 2-3 inches smaller than your tarp. In this way, you can prevent water from pooling.

After you prepare the area for setting up the tent, you need to clean it. Make sure you remove all sharp rocks and branches. Be sure to take away anything that might pierce the tent. Then line up your tent on top of your tarp according to the instructions.

Be sure that all the corners of the tarp are lined up and that any extra tarp is tucked under the tent edge. If the wind starts picking up speed, your tent goes blow away.

Lastly, keep in mind that fabric straps and grommets will usually be visible along with the corners of pre-manufactured tent footprints. The tent poles should be inserted through the grommets and the tent will be completed. You must find an alternative method of attaching tarps to tent corners since they do not have grommets.

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When to not put the tarp under the tent?

When to not put the tarp under the tent

A tent and tarp are necessary, it might be unnecessary in some places camping too. You need to learn that as well. Otherwise, you might fall into an unwanted situation. 

When camping at the beach, place the tarp inside the tent rather than beneath it. Sand camping is extremely different, and even if you place a tarp beneath your tent, water will leak into the tent. 

If condensation is not an issue in your camping area, which means, you are camping somewhere where it doesn’t get too hot or too damp, you may not require moisture management and thus you do not need to put the tarp beneath your tent. 

Final Words 

Tarpaulin is definitely a necessary camping gear. However, you might not always need it depending on the area you are going camping. You need to make sure where you are going first before packing the essential gears. Otherwise, it will become overpacking gears. But make sure not to forget it where you need it as it has a lot of advantages.


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