How to Heat a Tent While Camping?

Camping during the winter can be an excellent way to spend your weekends as it is an exciting outdoor adventure. But at night, it might get chilly when the temperature falls, and you have to struggle to stay warm. However, the good thing is, when you can keep your tent warm, you can stay warm too. 

Many beginners can freeze to death if they do not know how to heat up the tent when the night gets colder. So, in this article, we will be discussing how to heat a tent while camping.

7 Ways to heat the tent while camping

There are many gears and materials to heat your tent with. You can use any of the gears, whatever seems convenient for you. Nevertheless, keep in mind that your tent’s fabric must be thick for winter camping. Some ways to heat your tent are discussed below:

Electric Heater

If you have access to electricity while camping, you can use electric heaters to heat your tent. The simplest methods for heating a tent include propane heaters, wood burners, and electric heaters. Heaters work great on cold chilly nights. You can utilize electric heaters, tiny gas heaters, wood-burning stoves, and more options to heat up your tent.

Wood burning stove

A wood stove is an excellent option when you do not have electricity access. But the demerit of the wood-burning stove is that it is not suitable for all tents. You need a tent with a stove jack to pass a chimney through to install a wood-burning stove.

Propane Heater

The propane heater is one of the easiest ways to heat a tent while winter camping. It is safe and suitable for indoor use, so that you can use it inside the tent. However, make sure to buy propane heaters with an enclosed heat source.

Heat rocks

To heat your tent with heat rocks, you must first collect suitable rocks. You can find them near a stream or river if there is any. You need to put them close to a fire source like a campfire to warm them up, but do not put them in the fire.

Wrap the stones in cloth 30 minutes before you go to bed. Inside your tent, spread the hot pebbles. Target the edges and areas where you will not be able to touch them as they are really hot. The drawback of heat rocks is that they only stay warm for 4-5 hours.

Hot water bottles

A hot water bottle is similar to the hot rocks method. You need thick plastic or steel water bottles to redeem the heat. You can bring hot water in steel containers that hold the heat for a long time and keep them inside your tent to stay warm. 

Electric radiator

If you want a luxurious camping experience, an electric radiator can be a good option. There are many portable camping radiators suitable for camping. But they need access to electricity and be turned on the entire night to keep the tent warm.

Tent Carpets

By using tent carpets, you can heat your tent from underfloor. There are many heated carpets available for camping you can buy. This can be a safe way to keep your tent warm. 

Why do you need to heat the tent?

You might be wondering what is necessary to heat the tent when you can just wear extra layers of clothes and take extra blankets. Well, all those extra layers might feel suffocating sometimes, and also, they are heavy to carry, especially when you are backpacking. 

When you are wearing long underwear or too many layers of clothes inside your sleeping bag, you might just get sweaty in your sleep, and when you take the layers off for that, you might start to freeze again. And if you sleep in sweat, that might make you sick.

Wearing too many layers of clothes can prevent the insulation power of the tent. So, you might freeze the entire night in your sleep. And if you have children with you, you are also putting their lives at risk. 

However, if you give up all the layers and sleep inside the sleeping bag or on the sleeping pad, directly on the cold ground, it can absorb your body heat. This will decrease your core body temperature. 

Also, you can try keeping the tent warm with warm water bottles, but they turn cold fast in the cold weather. And if you think about lighting up candles to keep your tent warm, you should forget the idea as it can cause an accident. 

When no option is worth it, it is best to keep the tent warm instead of staying warm inside it. Nobody would like to spend hours at night freezing while camping inside tents. A tent should be warm enough to sleep at a comfortable temperature. This will only make their camping experience a bad night.

Things to consider before heating the tent

Keeping the tent warm on the coldest night is our primary goal. But you must think of safety too. Also, you can not expect to place your tent anywhere, and keeping the tent warm would keep you warm. So, there are a few things you need to consider before heating the tent. 

Tent placement

Choosing a suitable camping spot for winter camping is essential. Choosing a windy place might feel thrilling, but if you choose an area with a lot of wind, it will never let the warmth of your tent stay the whole night. You must avoid low-lying regions where chilly air tends to condense. 

To keep you warm, a location 50 feet above the valley level should be adequate. But above that, it can be windy. For the same reason, avoid camping in a wide-open space. Also, it is best to look for a location within trees that will act as windbreaks.

Type of the camping tent

Not every type of tent is suitable for winter camping. Furthermore, the tent fabric must be thick and heat tolerant if you intend to heat your tent. 

A 4 season tent is the most suitable tent during winter camping as it keeps the moisture and snow away. It is warmer than 3 season tent and any typical summer tent. Additionally, they provide excellent insulation, and the walls of the tent types are insulated. 

You can buy an insulated tent. This tent can hold on to the warmth and keep you warm at night when the temperature falls. Also, keeping a camping heater with candles or propane in the insulated tent can be an excellent option to stay warm. 

Clothing Layers

You should apply the 3-layer method while dressing up for a cold night camping. There should be base layers, mid-layers, and outer layers. Also, you need socks to keep your feet warm. You can use foot warmers too if you have difficulty warming your feet. 

Availability of electricity

If you camp in the wilderness, you can assume there will be no electricity. However, if you camp on a campsite, there might be the availability of electricity, and you can rely on that. So, considering the campground you choose, you must be prepared with your tent heating option. So, either you have to set up a generator to light up the tent, or you should just consider the option of heating your tent without electricity.

If you are willing to camp in the wilderness, you can heat up your tent with hot water bottles, rocks, or heated stones. You can use an electric blanket to stay warm. Also, you can use a combination of underfloor electric carpets for tents and portable electric radiators. 

Carbon Mono Oxide poisoning

Be careful about using any source of heat that produces carbon mono oxide. This is harmful not only for the people but also for the animals and environment of your camping ground. And do not use them inside the tent at all, as they were not meant for use indoors so that it might cause an accident.

If you use a heater that produces carbon monoxide, you should ensure enough ventilation inside your tent. You can use modern camping heaters that reduce the use of carbon monoxide poisoning, so you have no risk at all. However, you should not avoid the proper ventilation no matter what. And a caution of any sort of heater you should maintain is that you should turn off the heater at least an hour before bed. 

Food and drinks

You need to consume enough food and water to stay warm in the cold weather. Many campers make the mistake of not drinking enough water to avoid freezing. However, if you do that, you will be dehydrated, and the cold will attack you more, as dehydration will burn the body heat. So, drink plenty of water and enough food to stay energetic.

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Final Words

Winter might not be the best camping season. But if you are an outdoor enthusiast, cold weather can not stop you from having adventures. However, it is essential to maintain safety in cold temperatures; therefore, you need to heat your tent. So, when you heat up your tent, do it like a pro by following the instructions in this article. 


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