How To Hang A Hammock In An Apartment? Know The Exact Ways

Hanging a hammock in your apartment sounds like a fun idea, right? But if you don’t hang it in the right way, you might not like how it serves you.

We got the idea of how to hang a hammock in an apartment. Wall hammocks require you to create a hole in the wall and secure the hammock using strips. Another way is to hang the hammock from the ceiling. You can use eye bolts to hang the hammock.

We bet you want to know more about it. So, let’s dive in deep and explore the fun idea of hanging a hammock in your apartment! 

3 Way to Hang Hammock In An Apartment

The hanging process will be different depending on the type of hammock you are using. Also, it will vary depending on the placement of your hammock as well.

Usually, people use wall-hanging hammocks, stand hammocks, or ceiling hammocks. Also, you can install the hammock inside your balcony; in that case, hammock chairs are the best choice.

1. Hanging The Hammock From The Ceiling

When you don’t want to take the hassle of making a hole in your walls, you can hang the hammock from the ceilings. Here’s how you can do that:

  • Find the right stud 
  • Mark the distance and secure the anchor properly in the suitable beams
  • Install the hammock using eye hooks with the help of a drill
  • Make sure the installation is sturdy enough to take up the weight, and you are done! 

Hammock chairs are the best options to hang from your ceilings. Therefore, ensure that there is at least a 10-15 feet distance between two anchor points.

2. Hanging The Hammock From The Wall

Before you try to hang the hammock from the wall, make sure that the wall construction is sturdy enough to be able to hold the hammock. If your building wall has metal studs, it’s better not to install a hammock from the wall as there are more possibilities of injury.

But you easily hang the hammock on your wall if your wall has wood studs. Now let’s see how to do that:

  • Gather the equipment (rope/chain, eye bolts)
  • Mark the distance usually 10-15feet distance between the two anchor points is perfect for hanging a hammock
  • Find the stud in there, and also make sure of the height of the hammock so you can swing properly
  • Now, drill a pilot hole in the center of the stud and screw the bolt in there. Do the same thing in the other stud
  • Now secure the rope/chain and hang the hammock at a 30-degree angle

3. Hanging The Hammock Using A Stand

Modern apartment owners do not like to drill a hole in the walls or ceilings, so the hammock stands work as a savior when you want to hang a hammock. These stands also look very classy inside the apartment. 

Usually, hammock stands are 4-5 feet in width and between 5-15 feet in length. So only if you have adequate space you can make the best use of these stands. However, the installation of a hammock in the stands is very straightforward. 

You have to set up the stand as per instruction and just hand the hammock in it. Then it’s all ready to use! It’s straightforward and time-saving as well.

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Choosing The Indoor Hammocks-Which One Is Right For You?

Indoor Hammocks

You might get confused about which one to choose among the various choices of hammocks. Usually, if we look into the available fabric options, the best option is to get a cotton rope hammock for indoor usage. 

Cotton rope hammocks are great to use indoors as they provide a shorter lifespan if you use them outdoors. These hammocks are excellent for comfort and flexibility, and you can enjoy a good time in them. 

Apart from fabrics, if you don’t have space issues, you can use a hammock stand or hammock chair. Both are very suitable to set up inside your apartment. Especially if you are considering playing in the hammock on your balcony, then the hammock chair will be the best option for you to have a good time. 

Things to Consider Before Installing The Hammocks

Installing The Hammocks In an Apartment

It’s easy to install the hammock inside your house, but there are also some considerations. If you don’t take care of these, the installation might not turn out to be what you expected. Let’s see what you should know! 

  • Make Sure Of The Correct Height Distance From The Floor 

The hammock needs to be at least 5 feet up from the floor. If most of your feet touch the floor while sitting on the hammock, it will surely disappoint you. So, ensure that the hammock is in the right height position according to your height. For a tall person, the height needs to be more. 

  • Ensure To Mark Up The Proper Distance 

There should be enough distance between the two anchor points. Otherwise, the hammock won’t move or swing as you would like to. So before you drill the holes, make the proper calculation of the distance. 

  • Do You Have Adequate Space? 

Space is a big concern when you want to put the hammock inside the apartment. If you don’t have the perfect accommodation to put it, the whole installation will look more like a mess than peace. 

So, unless you have a good space to install the hammock and move it, it’s better not to use a hammock stand. You can install the hammock from the walls or ceilings in that case.

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Hammocks In an Apartment

Safety Concern For Your Indoor Hammock Usage

  • Before you buy the hammock, make sure of the weight capacity of your hammock and do not cross the capacity while using it.
  • Buy a double hammock for indoors if you don’t have accommodation issues.
  • After the installation, test the hammock to know whether it is properly secured or not.
  • If you are installing the hammock on your balcony, ensure protection against direct sunlight or rainwater. 

Wrapping Up

So far, you already know how to hang a hammock in an apartment. Hammocks can be a fantastic addition to your modern apartment. The hammock stands or chairs can go well with the interior, especially if you have enough space inside.

So, secure the hammock in any place you like, but ensure you are well aware of the safety concerns.

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What Is The Most Comfortable Style Of Hammock?

The most common and comfortable styles of indoor hammocks are the cotton hammocks and the hammock stands. Cotton hammocks are breathable and comfy to use inside your house and pass a wonderful leisure time. The material will stretch with your skin, and you won’t feel the heat during summer.

Can You Put A Hammock In Your Living Room?

Yes, you can! Fancy apartment owners do this all the time. You can also place the hammock in the dining area, even in the kitchen, not only in the living room. 

Should I Get A Cotton Or Polyester Hammock?

Cotton hammocks will be the best option if you care about comfort and want to install an indoor hammock. But these are not durable for outdoor usage. Polyester stands out for outdoor hammock usage, preventing mold and mildew growth. 

Can I Hang A Hammock From The Ceiling?

Yes, you can hang the hammock from the ceiling. The hammock chairs are best for hanging from the ceiling, and you can use eye bolts to hang them securely. Hanging a hammock from the ceiling can be a super space savior for modern houses.


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