How Much Water Should You Drink Per Day While Camping?

Camping is one of the most popular outdoor activities in summer. But as lives get busier, people tend to go for a fun trip every season for a break. You simply cannot deny the importance of bringing enough water when you go camping, no matter what season you choose.

How much water per person per day camping?

The use of water is not limited to preventing dehydration, but it also plays a very important role in cooking, hygiene, and cleaning while you are on a camping ground. It is suggested by the experts that a person needs to drink 2-3 liters of water per day. And you will need the same amount while camping.

In addition, a person should need at least 2 gallons or 7.5 liters of water per day while camping.

The following table shows the amount of water for men, women, and children:

3 liters2.16 liters1-8 years: 1.3 liters5-8 years: 1.5 liters

How much water per person should drink per day?

water for camping

Experts and the National Institutes of Health suggest that it is best if a healthy adult person should drink at least 64 ounces of water per day while camping. This means you will need to drink 0.5 gallons of water out of the 2 gallons of water. This might seem like a lot, but this is perfectly reasonable since you will be continuously involved in outdoor activities while camping.

Also, if you plan to go hiking, swimming, and other camping sports and activities that require a lot of energy, you might need a little more than 64 ounces. So, it is best to take as much as water you can pack while camping. It is found that a camper needs at least 1 gallon of water for his/her daily needs.

The weather condition also matters a lot. You will need a lot of water in summer camping and in winter camping too. Make sure to choose the place where there is enough availability of water. This will lessen the pressure of carrying too many heavy containers off your shoulder. 

How much water for babies should you pack?

camping water for babies

It is true that children will not need to drink as much water as adults, they will also need more than they have at home because they will participate in many games and activities while camping. A healthy kid should consume 44 ounces or 1.3 liters to 1.5 liters of water a day depending on the age. You might consider taking sugary drinks or juice for them, but this will be a bad idea as these artificial juice can lead to dehydration. So, it is best if you take enough clean drinkable fluids and Gatorade for your kids to stay healthy.  

Also, do not only pack enough but also make sure that your kids drink enough water especially if you are going on a summer camping trip. It’s possible that your kids won’t drink enough water if you choose to go winter camping. Nevertheless, it’s important to prevent them from dehydrating.

Things To Consider Before Packing Water For Camping

Packing Water For Camping

Now, before you pack a gallon of water for your trip, you need to consider a few things. For example- if you are going to stay in a camping ground then there might be enough water facilities, so you do not need to pack much water. Also whether you need to carry a water purifier or not and many more factors.

Weather and Season

You need to check the weather first before you go camping. There are some temperatures which you should totally avoid staying outdoors. For example, below 40 degrees Fahrenheit is too cold for camping and 90 degrees to 105 degrees Fahrenheit is too hot for camping. So, you should avoid those weathers because, no matter how much water you take with you, it will be difficult to survive outdoors in that weather condition.

If As a result of the arid and hot environment, you will sweat more, and your breathing rate will increase. Similarly, humid conditions of the environment might make you sweat. And sweating can lead you to dehydration without enough water consumption. So, make sure to pack extra gallons of water and drink plenty of water. Not drinking enough water can cause you dry mouth. 

However, if it is the rainy season, and the weather updates say it is going to rain in the days while you will be camping, you do not need to take much water but a water purifier with you, so that you can drink the rainwater by purifying it. Additionally, the extra water you need to carry with you in summer camping might not be needed in winter camping.

Days of camping

The number of days you will be staying outdoors on your camping trip is also an important factor to consider in calculating the amount of water you should take. As you need 2 gallons of water per day, if you stay 3 days you will need 6 gallons of water. 


The amount of water you use for your daily basis needs can be a minimum of 1 gallon or more. It does not seem much when you have enough sources but it can be hard to manage if it is limited. You will also need water for your hygiene routine like- showering, washing dishes, cleaning hands, brushing teeth, and showering too. So, make sure you pack enough water for these purposes.


You have to eat healthy meals on your outdoor trip and you can not do that without sufficient water. The healthy and nutritious food that you can eat while camping includes- rice, pasta, noodles, soup, oatmeal, etc. You also need water to enjoy your morning coffee. So, do not forget to manage water for cooking foods. Even if you want to use the water to prepare your meals, make sure you boil it first to eliminate any bacteria.

Camping ground

You can camp at a popular campsite or beside the woods or close to nature. Any local freshwater lake, river, or stream can provide drinkable water. Check to see if there is a campsite vendor area where you may purchase bottled water. if you have a designated container. But if you want to remain at the campsite for an extended period of time, bringing additionally diluted and treated drinking water is a good idea.

But if you choose the place where there is not enough availability of water, then you might need to pack sufficient water and carry it to the camping ground by yourself. However, if you camp on a popular site, then there might be already water facilities available so you can only pack for the road.

Extra water for pets

If you want to take your little pets with you, do not forget to take safe drinking water for them. The amount of water you need to take for your pets depends on the size, age, health, and breed of your pets. To be sure, you can contact the vet to know the exact amount you need to carry for your pets for the trip.

Other activities

You might decide to make your camping trip a hiking trip or engage in activities likes- football, basketball, swimming, racing, etc. for having fun on your trip. While you engage yourself in these sports or outdoor activities, it is common to feel more thirsty than usual. Also, you will need more energy after these activities, and drinking water will help you regain energy.

How to carry water for camping?

Although you might need gallons of water for camping, it might not be always possible to carry so much gear with you unless you are willing to car camp or go to the campground in your RV. If you have too many people in your vehicle, then you might need to carry the water gallons in your car or vehicle’s rooftop. 

You can also consider a storage container for carrying water. It is possible to get storage containers for cars that can hold many gallons of water, leaving space inside your car free for other needs. Also, make sure to buy a few jugs to pour water and store it on the trip. 

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How to carry water for backpacking?

It is true that if you decide to hit the road just by walking to your destination with a backpack, it will be hard for you to carry enough water. In that case, it is best if you choose a camping ground for your trip or consider a water restocking option. You can take at least 2 liters of water with you till the next refill stop. However, if you are a hiker, then you might need to carry all the heavy load of water with you or consider taking a water filter to purify from any suitable water source you find. 

How to get pure water while camping?

Now, you might camp near a water source but are not sure if you should drink the water or not. In that case, you should purify the water properly. you can take one gallon per person of clean water in water bottles and a large water container. Or you can do it by carrying a portable water purifier with you that does not require electricity. Also, If you’re ever worried about the quality of the water you’re drinking, the most straightforward remedy is to boil it. You can also apply a chemical treatment to purify the water with bleach, potable aqua water purification tablets, chlorine tablets, etc. 

When hiking, how much water should I bring?

When hiking, you should bring at least one liter of water per person. If it is hot outside, you may want to bring more.

It depends on whether there is drinkable water on your route. if you are in the desert and it is hot you must take a lot of water. I go through 2 gallons in a day. You won’t need nearly that much if it is not hot. there are some hiking areas that have good water supply and I take only a canteen that I can refill.

Final Words

It is always best if you carry a few extra gallons than running out of water in the middle of your camping trip. Consider all of the people and pets who will accompany you on your journey. Also, consider their age and other needs too. The good thing is you can camp near a water source for providing enough drinking water. And even if you do not, you can carry water or at least plan refilling destinations for your camping trip. 


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