Polyester vs Cotton Hammock: Know the Difference

The main difference between polyester and cotton hammocks is that polyester hammocks do not absorb water or liquids while cotton hammocks are highly absorbent.

A hammock is an essential piece of camp gear whether you want to relax in the backyard, in the open air, or on a camping trip. Whether you want to read a book, take a bath in the sun, or just chill out at night, it will put you in a chilling mood and help you relax with its soft cradles. 

However, you must know what material to use for hammocks in order to enjoy them in suitable places. Because if you use the wrong material for a hammock in the wrong place, you might not find hammocks useful enough. So, in this article, we are going to talk about the two materials Hammock Polyester vs Cotton so that you know their pros and cons and choose one according to your needs. 

What is Polyester Hammocks?

Hammocks made of polyester have become a popular material for outdoor use. It is used to make ropes as it is a very durable material. It does not tear up easily, so it is a very popular material for hammock camping and especially used for rope hammocks. 

Polyester Hammocks

As polyester hammocks are durable, you can use them in any type of weather. They can withstand bad weather, rain, cold water, hot weather, cooler weather, etc. but in terms of comfort, polyester might not be the first choice as they are made of hard fibers. 

You need to take care of the polyester hammocks. They do not absorb water, so there is no fear of rotting if suddenly it is exposed to rain when hanging outside from a tree or two. In addition, it dries really fast after getting wet and is resistant to mold. Polyester is a weather-resistant hammock that can be a good choice if you want to leave it outside for an extended period of time.

What are Cotton Hammocks?

Cotton Hammocks

Cotton hammocks are the most comfortable of all hammocks. The cotton hammock material is soft and stretchy. So it can mold the human shape when someone gets on it. It is very comforting. Although cotton hammocks are the traditional hammocks, they are the most used hammocks currently. The bright colors used in cotton hammock fabrics make them very appealing. 

Cotton hammocks are mostly used indoors or in balconies where the weather can not directly affect it or where the hammocks are not directly exposed to rain and sunlight. Because high sunlight can burn it slowly and rain might rot it slowly forming mold in the fabric if not dried up properly. You can wash and use them, but washing them frequently makes them vulnerable. 

If you use a cotton hammock, you will need to replace them regularly as they are not made from very durable fabric. But that is not a problem as cotton hammocks are very cheap. So, you can buy and replace them anytime. 

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Difference between Polyester or Cotton Hammock

Although all hammocks serve the same purpose, there are many differences between them regarding material, usage, waterproofing, the Pros and Cons of Hammock, and many other factors. Before buying a hammock, you should know all about the different materials so that you can choose the best one for your needed purpose.

So, the difference between polyester and cotton hammocks are given below 

1. Fabric and Material

Polyester hammocks are made of sturdy material. They do not easily tear or rot. So, you do not need to take any extra care of them. They are weather-resistant and can withstand cold and hot weather conditions. Also, they can withstand heavy rain. 

Cotton hammocks are very soft. They are perfect to use in hot weather and they can be of many colors which makes them more attractive than polyester hammocks. Cotton hammocks can not withstand rain and too hot weather. The fabric will most likely wear out or rot in rough weather conditions. 

2. Usage

Polyester hammocks can be used anywhere, whether you use them outdoors or indoors, as for camping or for just swinging in the backyard. You can leave it out even in the rain and it will not be damaged. It will not rot or nor can mold take over it.

Cotton hammocks are more suitable for indoor usage. You can hang them anywhere inside the house for relaxing in your free time. You can wash the cloth and change the hammock colors often to bring more variety and style to your home. As well you need to know How much weight can a Hammock hold?

3. Waterproofing

Polyester hammocks are more water-resistant than cotton hammocks. Polyester hammocks will not rot due to rain. However, cotton hammocks are more likely to rot and wear out if they come in contact with water frequently. 

4. Comfort

In terms of comfort, cotton hammocks win as they are made of very soft fabric. Whether using a rope hammock, a quilted hammock, or a mayan hammock, cotton will be the best material if you prefer to use them indoors or even outdoors if you prefer comfort. Cotton hammocks offer more flexibility, although it really depends on personal preference.

It is not like polyester hammocks are not comfortable at all, they can also be comfortable. For example, if you use a polyester rope hammock and put foam on it, or use a polyester quilted hammock, that will be quite comfortable for you. You’ll be surprised that there are benefits behind Hammock.

5. Durability

When it comes to durability, polyester hammocks are more likely to withstand any type of climate. Generally, they will last you longer and can withstand the weather more effectively. Additionally, polyester is resistant to mold and mildew, so it will not be damaged due to mold problems.

On the other hand, cotton hammocks are not very durable. They are very comfortable to sleep on. But they are not durable enough. There are sleep benefits of hammocks that you might not know.

Is Cotton or Polyester Better for Hammocks?

Cotton hammocks and polyester hammocks both have their own advantages and disadvantages. You can not just call one better than the other. However, it depends on your personal preferences and usage. 

Cotton vs Polyester Hammocks

In terms of being weather resistant or durable, you can rely more on polyester hammocks. If you plan on using the hammock outside, the polyester hammock is the best. However, if you plan on using the hammock indoors, the cotton hammock is better. Hammocks made of polyester will not rot, mold, or mildew but cotton hammocks will. 

In terms of comfort, the cotton hammocks win. These are the most commonly used hammock materials. Cotton offers a lot of benefits when used for hammocks. Cotton-made hammocks are highly tear-resistant, so they do not rip easily. They have a smooth feel and absorb moisture easily, so are good for hot weather. 

You can enhance your home and outdoors with colors and styles with different types of cotton hammocks. Cotton hammocks can be of many different colors and styles like rope hammocks, mayan hammocks, quilted Hammocks, Nicaraguan hammocks, etc. 

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Which Hammock is Better, Polyester or Cotton?

Both cotton and polyester are used to make hammocks, and each has benefits. Polyester rope hammocks are less susceptible to humidity, mildew, and mold than cotton rope hammocks, but cotton rope hammocks are more flexible. Living in a very humid climate may make polyester an excellent choice.

In terms of durability, weather resistance, and outdoor usage, polyester hammocks are the best. Polymer hammocks are resistant not only to rain and freezing temperatures but might also fade over time if they are exposed to direct sunlight. In comparison to cotton, however, polyester has a greater ability to withstand excessive heat, as well as lasting far longer. 

On the other hand, cotton does make a comfortable hammock. The hammock industry relies heavily on this material. The material is incredibly versatile and has many great qualities that make it ideal for hammock making. The main features of cotton as a hammock material are; Comfort. And there are no other hammocks as comfortable as cotton hammocks. 

Only cotton hammocks can mold like your body shape which gives you an extra layer of relaxation. But polyester hammocks can be a reason for discomfort if you sleep on polyester rope hammocks without hammock beds, then your feet or hand might get through the net holes. And you might get bruises if you lie there for a long time. Plus, it is hard to get on and get down from polyester hammocks. Also, it is very risky for children as they might get tangled and fall. 

Cotton hammocks are safe and secure as they are also tear-resistant. And they are perfect for children’s rooms as they can be kept in any color or style. They will add to the aesthetics of your home or your children’s rooms. Also, the breathability of cotton hammocks is more than any other hammocks. 

But if you go for a camping trip and decide to do hammock camping, then cotton hammocks are not that good idea. Of course, polyester hammocks will be the correct choice for hammock camping. You can easily tie the hammocks up between trees with hammock hooks or hammock chains. 

You can also take backpacking trip hammocks that are specialized for camping and other outdoor activities. Make sure to hang your hammock at a suitable hanging height and remember to take at least 9-foot long tree straps for hanging hammocks.


Whether you want a brand-new hammock or want to make a hammock by yourself, you need to consider the common features like- durability, comfort, water resistance, weight, usage, and style of the hammock. While choosing hammocks you might get a lot of material options, but you should choose durable materials for your hammock that are also comfortable. 

So When it comes to authentic, long-lasting hammocks, polyester would be the best bet if your hammock will be outside most of the time. And if you want to increase the aesthetics and style of your home and relax in comfort in your free time then you can choose cotton hammocks. 

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