Core Tent Vs Coleman Tent: A Brief Comparison To Help You

Looking for a good tent to be durable and sturdy enough to fulfill your outdoor camping excitement? Core and Coleman both are quite popular in this case. These days, different styles of tents are shaped with a wide range of features that you can choose from. But if you want to pick any of these, a comparison will tell you which one to pick!

While comparing the Core tent vs Coleman tent, we found the main difference is in the pricing and weather protection. Core tents offer good protection against storms and winds, but they are more costly. And Coleman tents come in good pricing, but they lack fair protection from rain and wind. 

That’s not all. Today, we look forward to sharing a detailed comparison of both. After that, you will get a complete idea of which one is the best choice for you.

Core Tent Vs Coleman Tent: Which One Should You Get?

Core tents are people’s favorite for their quality and engineering. They are made of high-quality, durable materials. They deliver special H20 Block Technology that makes these tents more durable. 

On the other hand, Coleman tents are well-known for their affordability. Also, they come in big sizes, so when you want to go camping with more than 4 people, these tents come in handy. 

Before we move to a more specific comparison, let’s see how they differ initially:

Feature Core TentColeman Tent
Mechanism High-Quality 68D Polyester And The 115GSM P.E MaterialPolyester Tent Walls With Rainfly Fabric Coated
Durability Average Extended 
Water-Proof Feature Adequate Average 
BreathabilityEnsures Adequate Airflow Ensures Fair Airflow 
Wind Protection Better Average 
Design Unique Design Usual Design 

So now, we will look into the detailed differentiation between these two. Let’s get started! 


The first thing you need to notice about the tents is the mechanism as they need to offer comfort and longevity. The Core tent is made of high-quality material that will satisfy you. They are made with 68D polyester and the 115gsm P.E., which offers amazing durability. Also, they come with H2O block fabric, and you will get the water-repellent feature we will discuss later. 

The Coleman tent is also made of amazing durable material. It comes in polyester tent walls. Also, rainfly fabric coated outside will save you from rain. Although the material is not better than Core tents, it still offers good usage. 

Regarding the material quality, we have to pick a Core tent. The material is not premium, but it is still high-quality, which will not disappoint you. 


As you can see, the Core tents are made of 68D polyester. They can offer good water repellency but are not as durable as premium materials. However, it will still offer long durability if you maintain it well. 

On the contrary, Coleman tents offer more durability than the Core ones. The material can withstand rough weather and give you good longevity.

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Water-Proof Feature 

All the Core tents come with H20 Block Technology. As a result, you will get amazing water-repellent features from the tents. So even if it storms outside, you will get good protection from the water splashes. 

But the Coleman tents lack a lot in this case. Although they provide somewhat water protection to an extent, they cannot save you from extreme conditions. So in such cases, Core tents are surely a good pick. 


We all know that good airflow is a must while picking up the tent. Whereas both the tents are pretty good at it. The Core tent is made of polyester, but they offer amazing breathability. At the same time, you will also get good ventilation from the Coleman tents. So both of the tents are equally good for breathability. 

Wind Protection 

All the Core tents we have tested pass the test of wind protection gracefully. We can’t complain about these tents’ wind protection as they are solid and sturdy. So you will be safe and sound even if a storm passes you. 

Although the Coleman tents offer good wind protection, due to the mechanism of the Core tents, they are better at it. So during a storm, you will get more protection from a Core tent than a Coleman one.

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The Core tents are designed so technically that you won’t have difficulty setting them up. They have instant poles in the walls to make the set-up process quick and effortless. You can easily set the tent up within a short time.

Another good thing about these tents is they come with a mesh roof to provide better air circulation. As a result, it doesn’t remain heated up inside, and you can enjoy a comfortable camping experience even on warm days. 

Some Core tents also have a feature to divide the tent into different portions for some privacy. So while you want to share your tent, you won’t have a hard time having your privacy. 

Moving to the Coleman tents, they are also pretty good in design. They have poles to set them up and come in dome shapes. The shape will give you an upper hand during chaotic weather like rains or windy weather. 

Some tents offer darkroom technology that keeps the inside of your tent away from sunlight. So if you want a dark interior to sleep in, you will have that from these tents. Also, you will get to use vestibules to keep your necessary items inside the tents.      

Set-Up Time

Both the tents take almost the same time to set up and use. Core and Coleman tents take about 2 minutes to be completely set up.


In terms of affordability, the Core tents lack behind. Coleman tents are way more affordable in comparison to the features they offer. Although you will get a lot of features from the Core tents, Coleman still stands out if you want something affordable.

Core Tent Vs Coleman Tent: Which One Is Better?

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In our opinion, the Core tent is better than the Coleman tent. You can use them roughly, and still, you will get good durability from these tents. Besides, these tents are incredibly sturdy. The water protection is surprising at the same time.

We loved the way the Core tent helped us during the storms. Also, the facility to use vestibules to keep your items away from bugs or getting stolen is another big plus point. One downside is that they come quite high in price. But if you look into the features they offer, it is worth the cost.

Although Coleman tents are reasonable in price, they lack many special features. We didn’t like the way it tackled rain or stormy weather. However, other features that they offer are impressive.

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More To Know About These Tents:

Are Coleman Tents Waterproof?

Coleman tents come with their unique patented waterproofing system known as the WeatherTec™ System. However, all of their tents do not come with this feature. But the tents that have this feature offer amazing water repellency. 

Are Coleman Tents Durable?

Yes, these are durable if you can ensure proper tent maintenance. However, these tents are not the best option in stormy weather. But if you consider the pricing, they offer amazing longevity. 

What Does Instant Tent Mean?

An instant tent means that you can set the tent up without much effort. Usually, they claim to be set up within seconds, but it takes at least 2 minutes to set the tents up. 

How Long Do Coleman Tents Last?

The tents last for at least 5 years or more if you can ensure good maintenance. However, you need to be careful about the maintenance if you want it to last long. You can use the tent several times a year and then store it properly.

Is Core A Good Tent Brand?

Although this brand is not a premium tent brand, it is high-quality. So you can expect to have a good experience with the brand. The tents are sturdy and durable. 

Are Core Tents Waterproof?

Yes, these tents come with H20 Block Technology that offers good water repellency. The good thing is that you can still use this tent during storms as they also provide ample wind protection. Overall, these are amazing to use on your camping days.

Let Us Wrap This Up

From our discussion of the Core tent vs Coleman tent; you should already know which tent will serve you the best. As the choice depends on your personal decision, comparing the features with your requirements is better. However, if you want our suggestion, the vote will go towards the Core tent, regardless of the price. 

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