Complete Guide on Camping in 60 Degree Weather

Camping is a fun outdoor activity that can give you an adventurous experience that can last forever. This can help you get away from the busy city life. You do not even have to pay much for camping like you have to in the luxurious hotels and resorts. Moreover, camping lets you experience nature and connect with it.

However, camping requires proper preparation and accurate gear according to the weather. Otherwise, it might not be a pleasant experience, especially if you decide to go camping in cold weather. 60 degree weather can be a good time for camping if you are prepared.

So, in this article, we are going to provide you the guideline on camping in 60 degrees weather.

Camping in 60 Degree Weather

Camping in 60 degrees can be considered perfect weather for camping and enjoying outdoor activities. It can be comfortable enough for you as you can roam outside while camping without getting sunburned.

You can go camping at 60 degree Fahrenheit without wearing too many layers of clothes and extra blankets. You may need to pack some warm clothes still just in case the temperature drops at night time. You can wear long-sleeved fleece and long pants of nylon and synthetic material for 60 degree weather. 

Tent camping at 60 degrees can be a good idea, along with all the winter camping gear. You can get a desert camping tent or a 2+ season tent for a camping temperature of 60 degrees. You can also camp in a car or outside your car. Do not forget to take sleeping bags and pads when the weather is 60 degrees because the weather might not always be the same.

Is 60 Degrees too Cold for Camping?

Is 60 Degrees too Cold for Camping

60 degrees is amazing weather for camping. It is neither cold nor rainy or sunny as it is the late spring season. This weather is definitely not too cold for camping. It is not too cold or hot. Camping in 60 degrees can be an excellent time for beginner or inexperienced campers with amateur gear to start their first cold camping trip.

You do not have to worry about being too cold for camping in 60 degrees, not even in the nighttime. Because the nighttime weather is 50°F to 65°F, it is considered the most comfortable weather for camping. Only temperatures under 30 degrees are too cold for camping because there is a risk of hypothermia, frostbite, and dehydration. 

While sleeping in a tent in a sleeping bag with 1 or 2 layers of clothes might feel warmer, but when the temperature is 60 degrees weather at the morning, it might decrease to 50-55 at night, which makes it very comfortable for sleeping. 

But if you talk about too cold, then 30- 40 degree weather can be said as too cold for camping. In this weather, you can not just enjoy the snow during the daytime or campfire at a comfortable night without packing and wearing at least three layers of clothes. Also, you will have the tension of not bringing all the necessary camping gear.

Camping in 60 degree does not require so much tension as bringing every camping gear with you in camping. So, you can fully enjoy all the activities and the serene nature with a carefree mind. 

Hammock Camping in 60 Degree weather

Hammock Camping in 60 Degree weather

Hammock camping has gained popularity because of being lightweight, easy to carry, and affordable. You can go on a short camping trip just with a hammock and your partner or even on a solo trip. But before going on a hammock trip, you must be careful about the weather. 

When the weather is too cold, like about 30-40 degrees, you should avoid hammock camping. Because only the hammock, sleeping bags, your clothing layers, and mylar blanket would not have been enough to cover you from the grasp of cold. So, you can use a standard rope hammock of nylon material for this kind of weather. 

On the other hand, 60 degrees can be good weather for hammock camping, as it is not too hot or too cold. Also, you do not have to worry about rain, storm, and wind in such weather. Nevertheless, too much wind is never a perfect time for hammock camping. And make sure your tent is water-resistant in case of sudden rain. Also, you should prepare for colder temperatures for nights. 

But even though you go camping in sixty degrees, do not go unprepared. Make sure to take a sleeping bag, sleeping pads, under quilts and over quilts, a pillow, a tarp, etc. Before going hammock camping in 60 degree weather, do not forget to check the weather cast for the next few days. And make sure to choose a warm and safe place like a place behind a hot spring. 

What Do I Need for Camping in 60 Degree Weather?

No matter how comfortable camping in 60 degrees is, you still need to pack some essential gear for your camping trip. Because there will be a slight breeze that will feel comfortable at first but can get dangerous afterward, therefore, without them you will not be able to enjoy your trip properly. 

The camping gear that you will need for camping in 60-degree weather is given below: 

Light Clothing

If you are camping at 60 degrees, you can wear a lightweight full sleeve shirt made of cotton, silk, or merino wool as the base layer. On top of that, you can wear a fleece pullover, sweatshirt or light denim jacket, or waterproof jacket as the outer layer. You can wear long pants, leggings, or capris for the bottom part. For your feet, you can wear loafers, sneakers, closed heels, etc. 

2+ Season Tent

The warmer the weather gets, the more ventilation is needed. A 2+ season tent can be a great tent for providing more ventilation than a 3-season tent. Also, a 2+ season tent can protect you from sudden rainfall on your camping trip. You can also go for desert camping tents for camping in 60 degrees. A two-layered camping tent is suitable for 60 degree temperature. 

You can also choose your 2-season tent according to the tent color. A white tent can be perfect for summer camping trips as it reflects too much heat and sunlight. A red tent can be great for a winter night. The Blue and green tent absorbs heat and light effectively. Before that, the temperature drops too. 

Also, make sure that your tent is not too ventilated because there might be strong winds like 25-mile-per-hour wind, and that will give you wind chill.

Sleeping Bag

Many campers think a sleeping bag is not needed for warmer weather. But sleeping bags are important for camping in 60 degree weather. A sleeping bag keeps you warm and comfortable. Without it, you might freeze at night time if the temperature falls. If you’re camping at 50 degrees, you’ll want that 3 season sleeping bag and warm coats, socks, and base layers.

While buying sleeping bags, the first thing you need to keep in mind is- comfort. You will need a 60 degree comfort rating sleeping bag for camping in 60 degree. The sleeping bag can be 2 season sleeping bag. This will keep you warm and comfortable when sleeping on your camping trip. 

Sleeping Pad

The purpose of a sleeping pad is to protect you from direct contact with the ground. Also, it provides comfort depending on the thickness of the pad. 

The earth can become colder overnight, even in hot weather. That is why you lose a lot of heat to the ground because your sleeping bag insulation can not loft and retain heat as well as it should. A pad will maintain a comfortable temperature for you.

So, any type of sleeping pad will work for camping in 60 degrees. Still, you can consider a sleeping pad that improves ventilation, such as a Thermarest.

Sleeping Bag Liner

You should also use a sleeping bag liner, although you have a sleeping pad and quilt. Sleeping bag liners are very lightweight. Sometimes, when you are too wrapped up with layers of clothes, quilts, and blankets, the sleeping bag liner can dry up the extra moisture and keep you cool in warm and damp weather.

Another benefit of a sleeping bag liner is that it is very easy to wash. So, if you use it on your sleeping bag, your sweat will not get to the sleeping bag and will save you from the hassle of washing it. If you sweat on the sleeping bag liner, then you can easily wash off the sweat or other dirt just like you wash your regular clothes.  


The quilt can be a good camping gear option for camping in 60 degrees. They can be used as alternatives to sleeping bags. Quilts can ensure better ventilation and keep you cool. Also, the benefit of a quilt is that when you use it on sleeping pads, you can avoid direct contact with sleeping pads which can feel sticky to your skin and make you feel uncomfortable. 

Final Words

The weather matters a lot when you go camping. Good weather can make you feel like you are experiencing heaven on earth because of the calmness, tranquility, breathtaking views, and comfort. On the other hand, rough weather can make your camping experience scary and risky. So, it is better to consider the weather before going camping and also pack all the necessary gears that are suitable for the weather. 

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