Camping in 50 degree weather | Is 50 Degrees Too Cold For Camping?

Camping has become the most popular and affordable outdoor activity in recent years. People usually go camping on their weekends and holidays to relax and get a break from their daily life stress. However, when people go camping in too cold weather, which is 20-30 degree weather, they are mostly busy protecting themselves from the cold.

There is no saying that you should not go for summer camping like there are no restrictions on winter camping either. On the other hand, camping in 50-degree weather can be great for camping. Although it is not the best camping season, it can be fun. And night camping at 50 degrees is very much comfortable. You do not need to be a camping expert to go winter camping, but you need to choose the right camping gear.

Camping in 50 degree weather

Camping at 50 degrees is fun, and if you like a cool climate for camping, then this temperature will be perfect for you. Although a 50-degree temperature is not warm or too cold, you should still take some preparations while going camping in that weather. In terms of a camping tent, you can use a three-season tent. This weather is better than camping in an arid climate.

And for your clothes, you can wear two layers of clothes which are the base layer and a winter coat as the outer layer. However, you can wear waterproof materials clothing if there is a possibility of rain. Also, do not forget to wear socks, as feet are very quick to turn cold in cold weather.

You can wear some more warm layers of clothes while sleeping at night and keep extra blankets with you so that you can use them if the nighttime temperature rating suddenly falls. And of course, do not forget to use sleeping bags inside your tent to avoid direct contact with the ground. Otherwise, you might get hypothermia because hypothermia can happen in 50-degree temperatures and higher up to 64 degrees.

Is 50 Degrees Too Cold For Camping?

Usually, camping in 20-30 degrees weather is considered too cold for camping. On the contrary, 50-55 degrees weather and above is quite comfortable for camping, although there is snow outside. Make sure you find warmth and comfort in sleep in 50, 54, and 55 degrees by packing the right camping gears, 

Nevertheless, cold is not felt the same by everyone equally. Some people who come from a warm country might not get used to 50 degrees cold immediately, and this might be too cold for them. Others, however, may be okay if they come from cold weather countries.

Because 50-degree weather does not have the cold grasp of winter nor the exhaustiveness of summer, it can be a perfect time for camping if you have all the necessary camping gear with you, like- a generic sleeping bag and tent, extra insulation equipment, some extra warm blanket for any emergency. Nighttime camping during this weather can be perfect to sleep under the stars tucked in your sleeping bag in a 3-season tent. 

But if you are not prepared with all these gears, that means you are not prepared, and that might give you the worst experience in camping in 50 degrees weather. 

Tent camping in 50-degree weather

Staying outside in the daytime is okay at 50 degrees as you move around. But at night, if you stay outside for too long, you might get really cold and sick. Moreover, if you have babies and children with you camping, then you must not keep them outside for too long, especially at night time. 

To keep yourself and your kids warm, you will need a 3 season double walled tent. Depending on the persons who are going camping together, it is best to choose the standard four-person tent. This will give you the best protection and warmth at 50 degrees Fahrenheit You should also remember to take a full-size rain fly with you. 

You also need to keep the insulation gear ready to avoid condensation. However, you can also keep the tent zippers open a bit to avoid condensation. Otherwise, there will remain a risk of having hypothermia. 

How do you stay warm in a tent in 50-degree weather?

If you go camping at a 50-degree temperature, then protecting yourself from the cold and staying warm is one of the top targets. By staying warm you can enjoy your morning coffee with nature or enjoy the beautiful scenarios of snow-covered forests and glassy frozen latkes.

So, A few ways to stay warm in the 50-degree weather are given below: 

Wear proper clothes

Camping in 50 degrees temperature is considered cold season camping, although it is not too cold. However, the weather can fluctuate, and 50 degrees can also feel too cold for you if you are from a warm country. So, it is better to wear proper winter clothing while camping in 50-degree weather. 

You need to wear a breathable, comfortable base layer and a comfortable, warm coat as the outer layer. Also, do not forget to wear socks. And you can keep some extra layer of clothing, especially for the kids. You can check the comfort rating of any camping clothes before purchasing them. 

Use sleeping pads

Although you have a tent and a sleeping bag, do not ignore taking sleeping pads; otherwise, the cold might climb onto your body at night in cold temperatures. It is better if you take closed cell sleeping pads with you instead of the self-inflating sleeping bag. 

Have warm drinks and beverages

Having snacks and warm drinks like- hot chocolate, coffee and soup might keep you warm for a long time in the cold. Consuming sugar and protein can keep you warm for a long time. 

Use Heaters

A heater can keep you warm on a chilly cold night so that you can sleep peacefully inside the tent. It can be useful in sudden heat loss problems in winter camping. It will not let your body temperature fall in colder temperatures. 

Eliminate extra spaces

Having large or huge spaces inside your tents lets the cold air flow inside them, and this will reduce your body heat, making you feel cold. That is why you should not buy two large tents. You can gather your tent with all your camping gear in it. This will reduce the cold airflow inside the tent, and your body will hold more heat. 

Checking the weather

If you are a beginner camper, then it is better if you check the weather before you decide on a location to camp. If you find the weather is going to be cold while camping, then you should camp near a village or a camping ground where you can get help in case of emergencies. 

What to wear camping in 50-degree weather?

Your clothing should be appropriate in the cold weather of 50 degrees. Otherwise, you will get sick while camping. Wrapping yourself in warm clothes will give you control over your body and keep you safe. In order to prevent sweating as much as possible, it is best to constantly add and remove layers. 

Wear at least 2 layers of clothes

Unlike camping in freezing weather, where you have to wear 3 layers of clothes or more, you need to wear only 2 layers of clothes while camping at 50 degrees. A base layer and a warm coat can be enough. However, if you are colder than others, you can wear a shell jacket, puff jacket, breathable waterproof jacket, etc. But you should also keep some extra layers of clothes just in case it gets really cold at night.  

Cover your head, hands, and feet

Covering your body properly is not enough; you need to cover your head, ears, hands, and feet too. Because these parts of the body are more exposed and they have more chance of getting frostbites. So, to keep your head, hands, and feet warm, you need to wear – a hat, earmuffs, gloves, scarves, socks, and ankle socks. 

Dress your baby for utmost warmth

If you take your baby witty you, then you should dress it in warm layers of clothes as well. It is best if you do not let your baby play outside for too long. Several warm tops, like fleece pants and sweaters, should be brought along with basic onesies. In case the weather gets chilly during the night, remember to pack warm socks, hats, and a blanket. You can also take mittens and rubber shoes for your baby. 

What Should I Do To Prepare For Camping In 50 Degree Weather?

50 degrees weather might feel cold for camping. But not going camping in the cold is not an option. You need to prepare for every camping condition if you want to be a pro camper. Every camping trip needs proper planning and preparation. And one needs to pack the necessary camping gear and preplan the camping destination and camping activities. 

Select a camping destination

It is better if you do not choose hills to hike and camp in 50 degrees, especially if you are a beginner. While professional and experienced campers can tackle a situation, a beginner might not do that. So, it is better to choose a peaceful place near a city or village so that you can seek help from other people if needed. 

Get tent and sleeping bags

You need to get a suitable tent, sleeping bags, sleeping pads, blankets, etc., for nighttime camping. It is better if you take steps to insulate your tent and prevent condensation. Also, you need to be safe from the direct ground full of rocks and pebbles.

Pack warm clothes

As previously said, you must pack layers of warm and breathable clothes along with a woolen hat for your head, socks for your feet, and mittens for your hands. 

Pack foods

Without eating properly, your body will not stay warm enough. If you starve, your body will keep draining the heat. So, pack necessary dry foods and snacks, and hot beverages. And do not forget to drink enough water. Because even in the cold weather, it is necessary to stay hydrated. But if you are too cold to drink cold water, you can pack a hot water bottle to drink water. Things To Consider Before Packing Water For Camping.

Final Words

Cold weather camping is fun and adventurous, but it can become dangerous if you are not prepared with the necessary camping gear. So, before going camping in 50 degree weather, make sure to check weather forecasts and take necessary preparation and precautions accordingly.

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