Complete guide to Camping in 30 Degree Weather: Tent, Car with RV Camping

A true camper does not bother about the weather before going camping. However, camping will seem more peaceful and serene when it is off-season or winter or below 30 degrees as the camping sites will be emptier, and the outside will be covered in snow. Undoubtedly, it is very eye soothing to watch.

Camping in 30-degree weather is actually camping in the cold weather. So, if you are not prepared with the necessary camping gear, your camping experience will be very uncomfortable, and you might even catch a cold. That is why we are going to talk about all the precautions you will need to know if you go camping in 30 degree weather. 

Camping in 30 degree weather

Camping in 30 degree weather

Camping in 30 degree temperatures requires more camping gear than usual to protect you from all the coldness and frostbites. And it does not leave the chance of rainy weather either. So, you have to be prepared for all harsh weather when it is at 30 degrees.

Clothing is the most important thing while camping. And when it is 30 degrees weather, you need to be covered with proper layers of clothes. You can wear a base layer, then a mid-layer, and lastly, the third layer, which will need to be waterproof. The first layer of clothing you should wear is a base layer, followed by two additional layers of clothing. The outermost layer should be a windbreaker, and thick wool socks should be worn as well.

Prepare your tent or any other type of camping you are doing to prevent cold with insulation and condensation. However, it is best to avoid hammock camping in too cold weather. You will need extra blankets with you if there are children with you. Make sure to drink a lot of liquid food and hot beverages to keep yourselves warm in the camping at 30 degrees.

Tent Camping in 30 degree weather

tent Camping in 30 degree weather

A 4 season tent with good insulation can keep you warm in the winter when camping in 30 degrees or on a cold-weather camping trip. Additionally, if your tent has a rainfly, it may also keep you dry and shielded from the elements. You can use a double-wall tent instead of a single-wall one to ensure better ventilation and condensation.

However, if you forget this fact or somehow could not manage a double-wall tent, then you need to keep the tent door or windows slightly open for airflow. Otherwise, your tent will form condensation. And this will end up water dripping off the walls and onto you, which might free you and make the tent messy for you to camp.

Car Camping in 30 degree weather

Car Camping in 30 degree weather

Car camping in 30 degrees can be warmer than tent camping in cold weather, but still, it does not give you the utmost protection from the cold unless you take some precautions like- insulating your car windows.

In order to prepare your car for winter camping, make sure the windows are insulated. You can trace the shape of each window on newspaper, cut out proportionate Reflectix panels, and tape or magnetize them to keep them in place. The reflective foil prevents heat from being leached from your body and traps the heat within the vehicle, so you will be able to stay warm inside the car even at 30 degrees.

Also, for sleeping in your car while winter camping, you can fold the seats flat so that you can lay on them. And as the seats are not quite comfortable and suitable to keep you warm, you can use sleeping pads or memory foam mattresses on them to sleep on. And do not forget to keep extra blankets like- a mylar blanket or space blanket for your cold-weather camping trip.

If you are a beginner at car camping or tent in cold weather, you should take the risk of parking your car in an unknown place or a place far from the city. In fact, you should park your car close to a hotel so that you can get help if any unwanted situation occurs. And of course, last but not least, make sure to turn off your car before going to sleep, and you can keep the car windows slightly open so that it does not get too stuffy inside the car.

RV Camping in 30 degree weather

RV Camping in 30 degree weather

RV camping in 30 degrees weather can be a great idea, as you will be able to take all the important things with you, and you do not need to worry about spaces to fit all the camping gears. But you need to prepare your RV for withstanding the cold weather so that it does not break down in the middle of your camping adventure.

You need to insulate your RV to keep your living space warm throughout the night. For that, you need to cover the windows properly, then seal the doors and windows as well to prevent cold weather from getting inside.

You will also need to insulate the floor because the ground can absorb heat from your body and make you colder. RV skirting can be another good idea. This will prevent the cold air from entering the floor of your RV. You can use foil paper and black fabric to cover or drape your RV, and this will keep your RV warmer even in the coldest weather.

Although RV can be real fun for camping, some people find it very difficult. This happens especially when the RV’s pipes or drainage system gets jammed in the cold. So, you need to warm the internal plumbing.

What You Need to Know: Camping in 35 degree weather

There is not much difference between the 30 degree and 35 degree weather. The cold weather can rise and or fall anytime 1- 5 degrees. Thus, you need to be prepared for the worst. You might need to decide what sorts of camping you are doing first and work accordingly.

If you have a car or RV, then you can hide inside them to save yourself and your family from the cold. Also, you would need to insulate the windows and doors. You need to wear layers of clothes yourself too if you want to Camp in 35 degree weather. 

Warm clothes, extra blankets, insulated tents, insulated cars, etc., are needed for camping in 35 degrees as well. Because you never know if the nighttime temperature can fall to 30 or below. And if you are not prepared, you may freeze to death.

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What to wear in 30 degree weather Camping?

The clothes are vital for winter camping. You do not need to wear too many layers of clothing to protect yourself in the 30 degrees, but you should wear at least 3 layers of clothes that will make you warm in the cold weather.

You can wear a thermal base layered bottoms, then cozy sweatpants in the mid-layer, and lastly, insulated fleece layer waterproof and breathable jackets and pants in the final layer of clothing. Also, boots and hand gloves are mandatory in cold weather camping. This type of clothing will keep you warm while you busk in the snow during the day to enjoy your camping trip.

How to stay warm Camping in 30 degree weather?

Most people can handle camping in 40 degree weather. To stay warm camping at 30 degrees temperature, you need to have adequate clothing layers, as mentioned above. Next, you need a 4 season tent double-walled to prevent condensation. Also, make sure to keep the windows and doors a bit open, so it does not get congested inside the tent. You can use sleeping pads and sleeping bags inside the tent to keep warm at night. The tent floor should be insulated too for utmost protection from the cold. 

Tips for Camping in 30 degree weather

You must be very careful about your clothing because you will not spend all your day camping, just lying inside the tent under blankets. There will be outdoor activities too. You might even want snowshoeing, sledding, hiking, making snowmen or snow angels, and, of course, roasting marshmallows around a campfire, etc. So, while you are out in the 30-degree weather, you would need extra clothing. Here are the tips at a glance-

  • Take extra clothes
  • Stay in a 4-season tent
  • Take space blanket
  • Stay hydrated and drink hot cocoa, soup, etc.
  • Don’t hold your pee

Just being clothed with layers of clothes is not enough in winter camping. Because it is going to get really chilly in the nighttime when your clothes might not feel warm enough. Also, layers of clothes might make you warm, but they can make you feel uncomfortable too. So, at nighttime, when the weather gets very cold, you can get into your 4-season tent and wrap a space blanket or mylar blanket around you. If you are taking your kids too, then you can take some extra blankets as well.

However, do not forget to take a lot of liquid foods with you. Staying hydrated will help you to keep your body warm. You can also have hot drinks, hot cocoa, and soup to stay energetic. And if you think the liquid foods will make you pee a lot, do not hesitate to pee when you need to because releasing pee helps to restore body heat while storing them in your bladder takes your body warmth away. However, if the toilet conditions are not hygienic enough while winter camping, you can use a pee bottle instead.


No weather is too cold for campers who are professional and enthusiastic about camping. However, if you are a beginner, then you should be very careful about all things. Double-check every camping gear before going to cold weather camping. And it is best if you avoid setting your camp too far from the locality.


Is 30 degrees too cold for camping?

30 degrees can be too cold for camping if you are a beginner. However, if you are already a pro camper and have the right winter camping gear, then it will be fine for you to enjoy the chills and serene views of winter even in 30 degrees cold. 

Can you sleep in a tent in 30 degree weather?

You can sleep in a tent at 30 degree temperature, but you would need the 4-season double-walled tent for that. Also, your tent needs to be small. The smaller the tent, the warmer it will be. Also, you should insulate it properly to prevent condensation. 

How long can you stay outside in 30 degree weather?

Even if you are fully prepared for 30 degree weather camping, you should not stay outside for more than 30 minutes straight. If you get slightly wet due to snow or mild rain in such weather, you might start to experience hypothermia and frostbite. So, it is better not to prolong your outside activities for more than 30 minutes.

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