Complete Guide to Camping in 100 Degree Weather

Camping is a great way to connect with nature and disconnect from technology. It allows you to explore the great outdoors and spend time with family and friends in a fun and unique way. Moreover, an effective camping trip can contribute a lot to your physical and mental health. It gives you a chance to explore the beauty of different kinds of weather.

The best camping weather is usually 72-78 degrees Fahrenheit, but some people might still want to go camping in 100 degree weather which can be a little hotter than the perfect camping weather. This article will take you through the ins and out of camping in warm weather.

Camping in 100 Degree Weather

Although camping is known as a summertime outdoor activity, camping in 100 degree weather is not a proper camping season because it can feel too hot sometimes. It can make you feel exhausted and tired. If you do not chrome well prepared for the heat, then it can be nauseating and challenging for you. 

While going camping in warm weather, you should check the weather forecast first to see if the weather will remain static during your camping days or not. Because if the temperature rises, then packing for only 100 degrees will not be enough. 

Then while choosing a place for hot weather camping, you should choose a cool place where there are shades of trees available. Also, it is best if you find a place where there is a lake too so that you can take a bath whenever you feel too hot in the scorching hot weather. 

Camping at 100 degree temperatures requires a lot of liquid food and cold water for you to stay hydrated because you can get easily dehydrated while roaming around outside in such hot temperatures. 

You do not have to worry much about clothes for camping in hot weather. Any light color soft cotton fabric will be enough. For your feet, you can just wear simple sandals or flip-flops. However, do not forget to pack sunscreen.

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Tent Camping in 100 Degree Weather

Tent Camping in 100 Degree Weather

100 degrees can be good weather for summer camping trips. However, tent camping in 100 degree weather can be a challenge to keep your tent cool. But if you are well prepared, then it will become enjoyable. However, it is still recommended that inexperienced campers with cheap gear should not come camping in such scorching hot temperatures.

For tent camping in 100 degrees, you need to place your tent in a shady place. Also, disassemble your tent as soon as you wake up and assemble your tent only when you go into it to sleep at night. Otherwise, your tent will feel like a hot sauna because the tent can work as the greenhouse effect in too hot weather. And at nighttime camp, you can use a blanket or two. 

You can choose a mesh tent for hot weather camping. Mesh tents are best for allowing the breeze to pass through their walls by keeping your tent cool. Also, it gives great protection against bugs as bugs come out a lot in hot weather. The mesh tent has waterproof floors, so you can use them in the time of rain too. 

You can take portable fans to keep inside your tent for tent camping to keep you cool. Also, one of the greatest ways to remain cool when camping is to use a reflective sunshade. These coverings reflect sunlight back up to the sky, keeping everything under their shade cooler. When camping, the aim is to utilize them to shield your tent or social space from direct sunlight.

You can sleep in a hammock beside your tent if the weather is too hot and you know the place is safe for camping. It can save you from the wrath of scorching heat at night, and you can have a peaceful sleep in the nighttime. And it will give you better protection from insects.

Car Camping in 100 Degree Weather

Car Camping in 100 Degree Weather

Car can be a good option for camping in 100 degrees. There are many camping vehicles like UV, RV, and UTVs that are specially made for camping. You can pack many things in it without worrying about the weight. So, make sure to pack a lot of cool liquid and cold foods to avoid dehydration. Also, when it gets too hot, you can get in your car and turn the ac on. But that will just ruin the fun of summer camping. 

When you are car camping in 100 degrees Fahrenheit, you need to prepare your car for that too. The first thing you need to do is park your car in the shade. Then you need to that place silver reflective material on your car windows to reflect away hot sun rays. Also, you can tint your windows using an infrared-absorbing substance.

Make sure to keep your sunroof and windows open in half of an inch to let the heat escape. And when the weather is too hot to enjoy camping, you can just minimize your camping activity in the evenings and mornings and have cool siestas in your car in the morning and noon. 

If you are sleeping in your car in the hot weather, then you can consider choosing an air mattress instead of a foam mattress since your body heat dissipates more quickly on an air mattress. To reduce your body temperature, take a cold shower or plunge in the stream shortly before going to sleep.

Which is better: car camping vs tent camping? Car camping can allow for a lot of objects tent camping can’t, but if the goal is to camp overnight in a remote area, car camping is out.

What to Wear When Camping in Hot Weather?

You have to dress pretty smartly for hot weather camping. Many campers wear a cotton tee shirt, long sleeve shirts, and jeans in hot weather camping, and they should actually dress in tech tee shirts, tech hoodies, and hiking pants. 

Look for clothes with vents, such as light coats with a back opening or sleeves with a ventilation system. These modify your attire based on the temperature as the day progresses from warmer to chillier.

Daytime Wears

Although it is hot to camp in 100-degree weather, you should not expose too much of your skin. So, full-sleeve lightweight moisture-wicking shirts can be a good idea. This will prevent direct sunburn and give you protection from mosquitoes and other insects.

Nighttime Wears

You can wear clothes made of fleece and nylon for nighttime camping at 100-degree temperatures. Wearing a long-sleeve tee-shirt, tank top, sweatshirt, and sweat pants can also feel comfortable for nighttime camping in hot temperatures.

Inner Wears

You should wear breathable underwear and swimsuits and other wear for comfort in the hot weather. 

Head and Footwear

You can wear a hat and sunglasses to avoid the sunlight and heat. For footwear, you can wear any light sandals and flip-flops. If you’re camping at 50 degrees, you’ll want that 3-season sleeping bag, warm coats, socks, and base layers.

5 Tips for Staying Cool On Summer Camping Trips

Summer camping can be a big challenge for campers to enjoy their trip because of the excessive heat and scorching hot sunlight. But not going camping at all in the summer is not the solution for pro campers. A pro camper can go camping in any weather and enjoy it. In summer camping, the ultimate goal is to stay cool and be able to enjoy the trip. For that, you need to bring essential gear, stay hydrated and maintain the summer heat camping dress code.

Stay Cool in the Tent

Choose a white tent color that will reflect the heat and sunlight. To keep your tent cool, you need to keep it folded away while not using it. Otherwise, it will be a storehouse of heat when you go to sleep at night.

Drink a Lot of Water or Fresh Juice

Dehydration is a common problem for summertime camping. To avoid that, you need to drink a lot of cool water. You can take jugs of cold drinking water and fresh juice if you go camping in the UTV or large cars. You can also prepare the juice while camping if you take fruits and a blender with you.

Dress Accordingly to the Weather

Wear light-colored long-sleeve tech shirts or fleece shirts to avoid too much skin exposure during the daytime to avoid sunburns. You can wear a tank top, sweatshirt and sweat pants at night.

Keep your Food Cold

While cooking in a campfire seems tempting, you should not cook food items in the morning or afternoon campfire. Rater, you should eat cold foods to stay cool. Cold food means the foods are safe to eat. You can bring a high-end cooler, food cooler, ice cooler, blocks of ice, ice cubes, etc., to store your foods there for the camping time.

Use Sheets Instead of Sleeping Bags

The sleeping bag is an essential gear for camping, but not in summertime camping. It can often boil you in it. So, instead of sleeping bags, you can use sheets for sleeping inside the tent. 

How do you camp in 90 degree weather?

Camping in 90 degree weather means camping in very hot weather. It can be from July to September month. While it is recommended not to camp in too cold weather, there are not many restrictions for not camping in too hot weather. So, camping in too hot weather can still be safe if you are well prepared with all the necessary camping gear. 

There might be chances of rain and storms in summer. So, you should prepare for that as well with a waterproof tent and rainfly.

You should also wear light clothes and drink plenty of water while camping in 90 degree humid weather. Whether you use a tent or a car for camping in the warm weather, you should ventilate it properly and stay hydrated. 

Camping in the shade is a must in the hot weather like 90 degrees, and do not forget to take a shower before going to sleep.

What Should I Wear for 60-Degree Weather Camping? You may need a jumper or a warm jacket to take the chill off, especially if it’s windy.

Final Words

Camping in 100 degree weather can be uncomfortable, but it is definitely doable with the right preparation. The best thing you can do is to be prepared for the worst and hope for the best. Make sure you have plenty of water and food and that you know how to stay cool.

If possible, find a campground that has some shade. And most importantly, listen to your body. If you start to feel dizzy or lightheaded, get out of the heat and move into the shade.

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